FZQ1650-75T Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)

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FZQ1650-75t luffing jib tower crane can be applied for lifting operation of 300MW to 1000MW unit. It can play a useful part on the construction sites with narrow space.

This tower crane is a combination of the world advanced structural designs, ultrahigh strength material, and smart console system. It is a breakthrough in Chinese crane industry with the highest technology and performance. It has the features, including high hoist, wide working radius, large load capacity, strong wind resistant ability, light dead-weight, etc.

Technical Parameters

Rated lifting torque (t . m) 1650 Working grade(GB 3811-83) A4
Rated lifting capacity (T) Main hook 75 Hoisting speed (m/min) Main hoisting
(heavy load)
Max. working radius 23 Main hoisting
(light load ≤ 10t)
Main hook special working condition 20 Main hoisting (idle load) 0~10
Auxiliary hook 15 Auxiliary hoisting 0~15.6

Auxiliary hoisting (idle load) 0~25
Working luffing radius (M) Main hook 6.5~50 Whole luffing time (min) 13.0
Main hook (special working condition) 6.5~10 Slewing speed (r/min) 0~0.15
Main hook (rated lifting capacity 75t) 10~22 Slewing angle (r/min) Whole direction
Auxiliary hook 10.5~58 Platform rear slewing radius (m) 15.256
Hoisting height (M) Main hook ~152 Hydraulic jacking speed (m/min) 0.4
Auxiliary hook ~155 Each jacking stroke (m) 1.675~1.676
Max. jib pivot height (m) 105 Gross power (KW) 197
Crane weight (t) (three attached condition/the max. boom hinged height at 105m, counter weight included) 440
Working condition
Power supply Three phase/415V/50Hz
Calculated wind pressure (N/m 2) Working condition 250 Allowed ambient temperature (℃) Lowest while working -20
Non working condition 800 Lowest in the locality -40
While jacking erection 100 Electric apparatus usage -20 ℃ ~+40
Standard implement: GB 3811-83, GB/T 13752-92 (tower crane design specification), GB 6067-85( crane machinery safety specification), JB 4315 (crane electric control equipment)

1. The tower crane adopts the upper slewing and upwards jacking apparatuses, rear-mounted jib pivot, and anchoring system.
2. The installation of pedestal has not too much requests about the auxiliary craning equipment and concrete base, which simplify the erection process.
3. The tower mast includes basic, standard and anchoring sections. The anchoring section can be interchangeable with the standard section due to the same geometric dimensions.
4. The hydraulic jacking system and the section leading device can increase or decrease the height of crane safely.
5. This series tower crane adopts advanced anchoring method and structure that the anchoring location can be flexibly adjusted to a wide application range.
6. The slewing mechanism consists of two world renowned planetary short-axis gearboxes, and three rows of cylinder slewing bearings. It can realize the variable slewing speed control, and stable, high precise slewing.
7. The hoist mechanism consists of the high quality planetary short shaft gearbox, Lebus drum and high strength compact type anti-twisting wire ropes.
8. The complete safety protection device can fulfill the multiple protection of the tower crane, referring to the force moment protection, overload limit, counterweight height limit, luffing height limit, mechanical limit, overtravel switch protection, angle induction protection, overflow, shutcut, over or under voltage, phase losing and phase sequence protections. What is worth saying is the absolute value coding luffing height limiter without metallic contact.
9. The electrical control and monitoring system has quite a number of smart functions, including the load recognition, zero-potential protection, rough handling resistance, wind speed monitoring, working and static state interlocking, tower mast monitoring,
10.The electrical control panels are enclosed in a box type electrical control center with an automatic temperature controller inside. The box can keep the electric elements at the best working status, and simplify the transportation of the control room. The electrical communication control system can simplify the physical cable linkage between itself and the actuators, so that the failure rate can be lowered.

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