FHTD1650-35T Inner Climbing Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)

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FHTD Internal Climbing 1650 at Oriental Gate, Suzhou

The FHTD1650-35T luffing jib tower crane is capable of both the inner climbing and outer anchoring working conditions. It adopts the advanced structural designs, like the boom luffing, upper slewing and jib pivot postposition. Its anchoring working condition features the high lifting height, big lifting capability, wide working scope, high wind resistance, light dead weight, and simple erection and displacing. Its inner climbing condition can fulfill the both upside and downside jacking erection, framework climbing and three different boom combinations according to the different applications.

Technical Parameters

Rated lifting torque t.m 1225 Working Class (GB 3811-2008 ) A4
Rated lifting capacity (t) Main hook (10~35m lifting height) 35 Hoist speed (m/min) Main hook (heavy load) 0~18
Max. main hook (50m lifting height) 18.5 Main hook (light load ≤15t ) 0~28.8
Max. main hook (6.5~10m special working condition) 20 Auxiliary hook (heavy load) 0~38
Auxiliary hook 7.5 Auxiliary hook (Non load) 0~60.8
Working radius (m) Main hook 6.5~50 Whole luffing time (min) 5
Main hook (special working condition) 6.5~10 Slewing speed (r/min) 0~0.5
Main hook (biggest load) 10~35 Slewing angle   360°
Auxiliary hook 10.5~58 Rear of platform slewing radius (m) 15.256
Lifting height (m) Main hook ~300 Jacking speed (m/min) 0.4
Auxiliary hook ~305 Jacking stroke (m) 1.675~1.676
Max. height of jib pivot (m) 290 Gross power (kW) 400
Dead weight (inner climbing condition) (t) 297
Power supply 380V/50Hz (Three phase/five wires)
Wind pressure calculation
(N/m2 )
Working condition 250 Working temperature Working condition ≥-20 ℃
Non-working condition 1300 Non-working condition -40 ℃
Climping 100 Working moisture 1-80%

The crane adopts the world class advanced mechanical apparatus, ultrahigh strength material and smart control technique. This product fills the blank of domestic craning machinery market, and represents the leading technique level of Chinese tower crane.

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