Power Station Tower Crane

    1. FZQ1380-63T Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)It can play a useful part on the construction sites with narrow space or complex underground, such like the water and power supply system, petroleum conveyance system, chemical factory, and metallurgy plant. It is also suitable to be installed in the workshop to hoist the heavy stuff.
    1. FZQ1650-75T Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)This tower crane is a combination of the world advanced structural designs, ultrahigh strength material, and smart console system. It is a breakthrough in Chinese crane industry with the highest technology and performance. It has the features, including high hoist, wide working radius, large load capacity, strong wind resistant ability, light dead-weight, etc.
    1. FZQ2200-100T Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)The FZQ2200-100T luffing jib tower crane is extensively used to build the thermal, hydro and nuclear power plant, petrochemical plant, metallurgy plant, high building, etc. It can help to erect the tower boiler of the thermal power generator with the power generation capacity of 1000MW or above.
    1. FZQ2520-150T Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)The FZQ2520-150T luffing jib tower crane has many impressive features, including the high luffing height, fast lifting speed, large lifting capacity, extensive working range, strong wind resistant ability, light dead weight, and flexible positioning. It not only applies to the thermal, hydro, nuclear power plants, chemical factory, metallurgy plant, and tall building
    1. FZQ800D-40T Luffing-jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)The load data of performance parameters shall be ratified according to the hanging height of the hoisting wire rope, which is 100 meters. (From the pulley of the boom head to the ground)
      Hook at special condition and 7~10m Working Radius, the boom is under dangerous section
    1. FHTD1650-35T Inner Climbing Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)Its anchoring working condition features the high lifting height, big lifting capability, wide working scope, high wind resistance, light dead weight, and simple erection and displacing. Its inner climbing condition can fulfill the both upside and downside jacking erection, framework climbing and three different boom combinations according to the different applications.
    1. FZQ800P-40T Topless Tower Crane (Large-scale construction)It is safe in operation, light in dead weight, high in working performance, good in mechanical sensitivity, and precise in lifting height. It mainly applies to the power plant, shipyard, petrochemical factory, metallurgy plant, and many other places where the industrial equipment need to be positioned precisely.

Our FZQ series anchorage luffing-jib power station tower crane is widely used in the construction of large facilities, such like thermal , hydro and nuclear power plants, oil field, chemical plant, metallurgic plant, steel-structural high building. It is especially suitable for the power stations with the power generation capacity from 300MW to 1000MW and high buildings construction at narrow site.

Hitherto, FZQ series tower crane already has the models of FZQ800P, FZQ800D, FZQ1380, FZQ1650, FZQ2200, FZQ2520 . All these models adopt the world-class production technology and design concept, as well as tens of national patent techniques of China.

Structure and Performance Features
1. The crane pedestal is box-type structure and doesn’t need traditional concrete foundation, which can lower the foundation treatment cost.
2.The series tower crane adopts advanced anchoring method and structure that the anchoring location can be flexibly adjusted to a wide application range.
3. The connection of tower section adopts "HALF" quick-type structure, which simplifies the assembling and disassembling process. The standard section and anchoring section can be interchangeable owing to the same geometry dimensions.
4. The tower section is formed by the low alloy steel pipes with high strength, and the boom system is formed by the fine-grained alloy steel pipe with ultra-high strength and light weight, thus the tower crane is compact in structure and powerful in hoisting.
5. The gearbox and drum are from the world renowned suppliers, so the stable operation of our tower crane can be ensured. The full variable frequency electric controller is fast, sensitive and reliable in performance.
6. The complete safeguard system can protect the normal operation in all sides.
7. Our tower crane is light in weight and convenient to transport, which significantly reduces the transition cost.

The Tips for Purchase
1. We provide a set of spare components.
2. Two-year recommendable spare components with a price reference list are available.
3. The user training on site can be offered for free.
4. We offer the special tool.
5. We provide the consumable items and spare components that are necessary to the installation process.
6. The installation and maintenance manual can be offered.

We abide to the international engineering equipment package standards to make the package of our tower crane suitable for navigation.
1. We pack our product carefully, in order to avoid the seawater intrusion, collision, and loss.
2. Each part of our product is fastened tightly, so as to avoid the loosen part being damaged during the transportation.

As a professional crane manufacturer and supplier, we offer a variety of products that includes luffing jib tower crane, overhead crane, box girder type gantry crane, large lifting device, stationary derrick crane, and more.

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