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Our QD series double-girder overhead crane adopts the gearbox purchased from the world renowned suppliers and the world newest manufacturing technology. It has many impressive features, like the light dead load, small girder sectional area, small boundary dimensions, low wheel pressure, simple maintenance, low power consumption, high safety, and long service life. Hitherto, this series has already contained a full range of specifications from 5t to 900t, which will no doubt meet the needs of different customers. In addition, we can tailor the product to the customer special needs, such like the double-crane ganged control system, and girder reinforcement.

Our product can be mounted across the upside of workshop, warehouse and stock ground to swing up and move the cargos. It is extensively used in the mining enterprise, steel plant, railway, harbor, and other collecting and distributing centers.

Performance Features
The main and auxiliary lifting apparatuses are equipped with the high quality planetary gearboxes purchased from the world famous suppliers. The gearbox is built in the drum, so as to save more space. In addition, the gearbox has the features, including the light dead weight, high safety, stable transmission, big output torque, and low noise.

Instead of traditional transmission bearing, coupling and out-mounted brake, "Three-in-one" mechanism has been adopted by the cross travel and long travel, which enable the crane with impact structure, high reliability and easy maintenance.

The speed control modes of our overhead crane include the variable frequency control, cascade control, and vortex control, and the speed control operation methods include the cab control, cable remote control and wireless remote control.

As a professional overhead crane for electric power station manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers stationary derrick crane, portal crane, hydraulic climbing formwork for chimney construction, power station tower crane, and more.

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