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The MDG series truss type gantry crane adopts our patent techniques with the patent numbers of 200620086918.3 and 200620087058.5. It is superior in many aspects, like light dead load, compact mechanical structure, concise and nice appearance, small windward area, high safety performance, convenient erection and transportation. By now, this series family has the members with a full range of specification from 10t-60t, and they have already been applied in power station, logistics warehouse, harbor, and shipyard.

Performance Features

The steel tube truss structure is welded and formed by ERW steel with high strength, the sections of girder are connected to each other by the upright flanges, and the connection plates have the same dimensions and can be interchangeable, so the erection and disassembly can be high efficient, and the requirement about the auxiliary craning equipment for erecting our product is low.

Excellent Configuration

The main lifting mechanism and crane crab traction device all adopts the planetary gearboxes purchased from the world renowned suppliers, and has the features, like small size, light dead weight, high safety performance, and operation stability.

The compact travel mechanismthat concentrates the driver, gearbox, and brake in one body, and the new added rail clamping device that gathers the rail sweeper, rail clamp, and buffer. They can greatly simplify the maintenance, and enhance the safety and performance of the carriage.

The cab adopts the steel frame structure, thermal insulating interlayer, and air conditioner, wide and clear observation window, and humanized control panel, which can provide the operator with a comfortable operation experience.

Safety Protection Measures

The safety configuration is complete, including the weight limiter, main hook lifting height limiter, electric powered block lifting height limiter, traction carriage position limiter, big carriage position limiter, the safe door of ladder interlock, emergent carriage stoppage, etc.

Convenient Transportation

The product adopts the package design that the electrical parts, such like the electric block, can be stored in main body of girder, so that the transportation cost can be greatly lowered.

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