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Our FHMG series box girder type gantry crane is specially designed for loading the large scale voltage transformer. Its main steel-structure parts are all connected by high quality flanges, and can be disassembled fast and conveniently to adapt to the long distance transportation. It consists of the main girder, inferior cross girder, landing legs, primary tie beam, secondary tie beam, walking trolley, crane carriage, platform railing, and electrical control system.

Technical Parameters

Rated load 400t Leg span 33m
Working class A4 Lifting height 18m
Cart cardinal distance 8000mm Crab track distance 5000mm
Gross power 391kW Main hook boundary position 3000mm /3560mm
Max. wheel pressure 600kN Gross weight 384t
Structural type Box Explosion proof /
Operation method Cabinet/Wireless Crane hook Ramshorn
Main hook Lifting height 18m Electric motor QABP355M6-B
Lifting speed 2m /min Power 200kW
Rated load capacity 400t Working class M4
Gearbox model ML4PSF130 Transmission ratio i=180
Drum diameter 1382mm Fixed pulley diameter 660mm
Steel wire model 35 ×P7-200G (WA) (dextral plus sinistral) Steel wire specification φ30/270m+270m
Auxiliary hook Lifting height 19m Electric motor model QABP315M8A
Lifting speed 4.2m /min Power 75kW
Rated load capacity 75t Working class M5
Gearbox model M3PSF70 Transmission ratio 80
Drum diameter 726mm Fixed pulley diameter 590mm
Steel wire model 35×P.WS36+IWRC-200G Steel wire specification φ24/250m
Cart travel Speed 22.6m /min Power 12 ×5.5kW
Working class M5 Transmission ratio 121.46
Gearbox model KA107TDV132S4/BMG Track steel QU120
Wheel diameter 600mm
Crab travel Speed 22.6m /min Power 4*7.5kW
Working class M4 Transmission ratio 117.94
Gearbox model FA107GDV132M4/BM Track steel QU120
Wheel diameter 600mm
Power supply Voltage 380V Wind pressure Mon working condition 600Pa
Frequency 50Hz Working condition 150Pa
Environmental temperature -10~45 ℃
Design standard GB/T3811-2008 Production standard GB/T14406-2011

1. Framework
The framework, including the girder and double stiff landing legs, adopted the beam, slab and bolting joints with ultrahigh strength, and passed through the computation of advanced finite element structure designer software. Thus it is reasonable in structural design, nice in appearance, and convenient in disassembly and transportation.

2. Hoisting mechanism
The hoisting mechanism of our gantry crane owns the high quality configuration. E.g. the SEW branded gearbox shows the high reliability and excellent performance. The new quincunx elastic coupling is superior in vibration buffing. The ABB branded variable frequency electric motor performs perfectly in the impact resistance. The auto braking system consists of the reliable electro-hydraulic push rod brake and travel end limiter, and can fulfill that the electrical braking comes first and the mechanical braking comes later.

3. Crab travel
The interchangeable traveling mechanisms of the crab adopt the same structure, and can be driven independently. The German SEW branded "three in one" drive unit consists of the hardened gearbox and variable frequency electric motor with magnetic brake. The ends of travel are equipped with the polyurethane buffers. The variable frequency control system can handle the travel speed precisely and smoothly.

4. Cart travel
The cart travel of gantry crane adopts the integration of "three in one" drive unit and flat key shaft, so it is compact in structure, small in size and easy in maintenance.

5. Electrical control system
The modular, centralized electrical control system, including the humanized cabinet and ganged console, can offer the operator a wide view and comfortable operation experience. E.g. the touch-screen display can show the working status of each part of gantry crane, and provide the direction for maintenance.

1. The customization service is available.
2. Regular inspection and maintenance is recommendable.
3. Lubricating the mechanical joint with 3# general lithium base grease is advisable.
4. The regular inspection of bolts is necessary.

As an experienced box girder type gantry crane manufacturer and supplier in China, Finehope also offers hydraulic climbing formwork, overhead crane for electric power station, 63T luffing jib tower crane, and stationary derrick crane, among others.

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