Gantry Crane / Portal Crane

    1. Truss Type Gantry CraneThe steel tube truss structure is welded and formed by ERW steel with high strength, the sections of girder are connected to each other by the upright flanges, and the connection plates have the same dimensions and can be interchangeable, so the erection and disassembly can be high efficient, and the requirement about the auxiliary craning
    1. Box Girder Type Gantry CraneIts main steel-structure parts are all connected by high quality flanges, and can be disassembled fast and conveniently to adapt to the long distance transportation. It consists of the main girder, inferior cross girder, landing legs, primary tie beam, secondary tie beam, walking trolley, crane carriage, platform railing, and electrical control system.

We are a specialized gantry crane manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from portal crane, we also offer stationary derrick crane, power station tower crane, overhead crane for electric power station, large lifting device, and more.

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