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WGQ series derrick crane is our new type ultra-heavy duty hoist featuring easy transportation, fast assembly, small area occupation, light dead weight, strong wind resistance and good scalability. This crane is applicable in harbor, dock and many other goods collecting and distributing sites.

Main Performance Parameters

Description Product Category
RZQ340 WGQ400 WGQ500 WGQ600 WGQ700 WGQ800
Rated Lifting Capacity 340t 400t 500t 600t 700t 800t
Working Radius 8~15.5m 6.78~24.78m 7~25m 7~25m 7~25m 7~25m
Max. Lifting Torque 5100tm 10000tm 12500tm 15000tm 17500tm 20000tm
Lifting Height -3~33m -5~15m -5~20m -5~20m -5~20m -5~20m

Performance Features

WGQ series crane adopts advanced modular design to realize convenient transportation and assembly.

Lower requirement for arrangement position reduces the infrastructure cost substantially.

The boom adopts tube-truss structure, which improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the heavy-lift and over-length.

As a professional crane manufacturer and supplier, we offer a variety of products that includes luffing jib tower crane, overhead crane, box girder type gantry crane, large lifting device, stationary derrick crane, and more.

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