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Our large rotator lifting device with the load capacity between 180t and 500t applies to the erection of the rotator of 300 to 1000MW power genset. It also can be used in the workshop or the places where the other types of crane can not play a part.

1. The simple high-low leg gantry crane structure features high safety performance, easy erection and short de-bugging time. There are only eight main components in sum.
2. The operation could be fairly convenient. When doing the crane job, the lifting device directly hoist the rotator up onto the platform, and then lower the rotator exactly on the installation position with help of traveling car. The troubles of paving hauling track and second lifting are saved.

Technical Parameters

Rated lifting capacity 280t
Span 15.5m
Hoist height 15m
Hoist speed 1.8m/min

Our large lifting device for thermal power genset drum consists of two components, and each one is powered by two donkey engines. It applies to the 300 to 1000MW power genset.
1. The device can be situated upon the boiler easily without the help of snatch block.
2. If the boiler drum needs to be moved horizontally, the device can be moved along the front spandrel girder.
3. The component can be run independently.

Technical Parameters

Rated lifting capacity 2×200t
Hoist height 72m
Gross weight 2×36.35t
Power 2×60kw
Hoist speed 1.612m/min

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